You will need
  • - boxes for up to 4 weeks;
  • lamp for additional lighting;
  • - the egg;
  • - millet;
  • - feed for the chickens;
  • - vitamins tetravit or trivia;
  • - pipette;
  • - fresh herbs;
  • - fresh cheese;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - sawdust or straw for bedding
  • - vitamin-mineral complex for roleref;
  • - crushed grain;
  • - vegetables;
  • - trough;
  • - drinkers.
After the purchase of chickens they need to be in boxes at a temperature of from 28 degrees to 30 degrees and with additional artificial lighting. In one box should be no more than 15 chickens, as they may suppress each other because of the habit bunch.
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The first week the diet should consist of hard boiled eggs and crispy millet. Once a day should be put instead of water a weak solution of potassium permanganate for watering, as broilers are prone to stomach disorders, which can die. The feed you want to add liquid vitamins, tetravit or trivit, at the rate of one drop three chicken.
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From the second week of the diet extends at the expense of fresh cheese, chopped greens. It is also possible to gradually introduce crushed grain and feed for the chickens.
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After four weeks the Chicks are transferred to permanent cultivation, the temperature lowered to 18-20 degrees and maintained at constant levels until the end of fattening. At higher temperatures, the Chicks do not grow at a lower temperature start to ache.
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The best and fastest growing meat breed of chickens is considered bezvyhodnoe content on deep litter of sawdust or straw. In the same cell need not contain more than 12-15 goals.
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To feed broilers must be abundantly. Drink fresh water and in sufficient quantity. Feeders should be washed and cleaned to avoid diseases of chickens.
The diet should consist of cracked grain, feed for chicken, chopped greens, boiled vegetables. To the end of the fattening period, feed need to add vitamins. With one month you can add the dry vitamin-mineral complexes for broilers.
Industrial weight broilers reach in two months, but only if the right content and abundant feeding. That is with proper feeding, in a year you can grow 5-6 herds of chickens.