Day-old Chicks should be kept in a dry place. The temperature of the first five days should not be below 30. But the growth of the birds (to 45 day in their life) the room temperature to gradually reduce to -18 ºc. While raising chickens without the hen for the first seven days of life, the duration of daylight should not be less than 20 hours. It is easy to organize with the help of backlight. This duration of daylight is necessary in order that the Chicks could see the food and drinking water. Then "daylight" cut to 18 hours, and after all, you can restrict the natural daylight. If the chickens are near the hen, the optimal duration of light time of day" - 16-17 hours. In addition, you need to feed the young. Your dish considered hard-boiled cooked eggs, chopped through a sieve, skim cheese, the grits, the finest corn and wheat. Remember, the more varied the diet is, the better it will grow the Chicks. In the first ten days of life babies should be fed 5-7 times a day, gradually reducing the number of meals (monthly chickens need to be fed three times a day). When the Chicks will be 4 days, enrich their diet with greens: it contains fiber and vitamins, so important for the health of the Chicks. Moreover, it is important that the chickens get enough quantity of mineral compounds. From the first days of life the Chicks add to their food is ground into flour egg shells, and from the 5th day – pounded chalk, washed and boiled sand. Also 0.5% of the dry food should be table salt: dissolve it in water and add the salty solution consumption. Two months chickens feed on greens, boiled potatoes, beets and carrots, etc. To thirty of age, give youngsters from the vacuum troughs. To make it your own: in a clay jug and drill holes of 5 mm diameter (these holes should be located at a distance of 10 mm from the top of the jug). Fill the clay container with water, and then cover it with a saucer and turn upside down. Set the bowl on a flat surface, better on the plate. In such troughs the chickens can't get feet, but because drinking water is always clean. In the morning pour into a bowl of fresh whey, kefir or yogurt, and then fill the container with water. Twice a week fill the drinking bowl for half an hour with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.