You will need
  • - concentrated feed;
  • - milk, colostrum and skim milk;
  • - root crops;
  • - hay;
  • - grass;
  • Sol.
Choose for growing calf heavy meat breed. For fattening it is advisable to buy young ones younger than months of age. If you brought a cow, and she brought a litter, vypaivali the newborn calf colostrum and then milk every 3-4 hours 1.5-2 liters during the week. Then the rate of milk gradually increase, and the number of feedings to 3 weeks reduce to 3 times a day.
как вырастить корову
Put in the leafy feeder hay, a calf will select the leaves, contribute to the emergence of his stomach beneficial microflora, strengthen chewing muscles and gradually appears gum.
можно купить корову
With 15-20 days of age, the milk can be diluted with fresh skim milk, vypaivali at least 4-6 liters per day. Stay tuned to food was not sour, otherwise it may begin diarrhea. But it is possible with 1-1,5 months to teach the calf to fresh yogurt on acidophilus yeast. Continue to keep always in the manger was a hay or grass.
как содержать корову
From the age of two weeks start to add in milk concentrates. It is better to take well-sifted oatmeal in the amount of 100-150 g per day. Her brew in the form of porridge or in dry pour in the milk. The growth of bull increase the number of grain feed and by 3 months of let already 1.5 kg per day
вес коровы
The roots are also starting to give up early, already 3 weeks can be added to swill a little crushed boiled potatoes. And month separately fed raw beetroot grated on a coarse grater, the growth of chick – just cut. The number of succulent fodder reaches 3 months to 2-3 kg.
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Wapsite with 1.5-2 months of the bull in the pasture or give him the grass and in the winter – plenty of hay. If possible, continue to drink skim milk or yogurt. This weight will grow more intense.
A six-month calf is fed 2 times a day a mash, consisting of steamed concentrates and chopped hay or hay dust, chopped root vegetables. If you keep bull day in the pasture, a hay mash can be eliminated. A day are fed not less than 3 kg concentrate and 10 kg of succulent feed. Rate gradually increase with the growth of the animal.
With the bull already give up to 5 kg of grain feed per day and up to 20-25 kg juicy. Hay and grass ad libitum. Year of the bull is neutered, then he will gain weight. In addition, the castrated animal is behaving calm and not a danger to others.