The main duties of the kindergarten teacher

Keep in mind a simple rule: if you are in doubt about whether the teacher in your kindergarten to do certain things, ask them to give you to read his job description, employment contract, and review the sanitary and epidemiological requirements, Sanitary regulations and standards. In these documents you will find answers to their questions.

The expert starts his work and takes responsibility for the children at the beginning of the working day. The teacher should accept every child, playgroup, which their parents bring them to daycare. In particular, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the child: if the child clearly is not feeling well or having problems in his behavior, the caregiver needs to talk about it with parents and if necessary take the child to the doctor.
There are times when baby feels bad, but the parents are not able to take him home. In this case, the baby is isolated from the other children, and take care of him as a doctor and educator.

The specialist should strictly adhere to the established timeframe and to make children obey the regime. This applies to sleep time, walks, meals, classes, exercise, games. In addition, duties of the tutor include assistance to other workers of a kindergarten in the preparation of activities for children.

What should the caregiver

Few parents know what the duties of the caregiver include feeding children. If the baby refuses to eat, starts to act up, can not properly handle Cutlery, arranges games during lunch, interferes with other children, the specialist must take action.
Educators working in nurseries, often have to finish feeding babies who can not eat independently, as well as to ensure that their clothes while eating clean.

During NAP time the caregiver should be able to find approach to each child, to determine who to put first, to ensure that the kids were asleep and not hurt others, and properly Wake up the kids.

On the walk the teacher should closely monitor children to organize their free time, not allow the kids to escape outside the territory of the kindergarten. By the way, a specialist can ask their children to help in the landscaping of the grounds as part of the educational program: for example, water the flowers or clean up the wrappers.