Assistant teacher in everyday communication in kindergarten called the nurse. As you can see from the title of this post, a nurse must help the teacher with his duties in caring for children. But what exactly does it mean?

Responsibilities of the assistant teacher

The assistant teacher is a Junior staff of the kindergarten, however, the nurse has the same contact with children in the garden as the tutor. Usually one nurse and two teachers. From early morning the assistant teacher helps to take children from their parents and strip them. Then the kitchen gets Breakfast and brings it to the group, lays on the plates and serve tables. After eating, the nurse collects and washes dishes, watches that were carried out adequate disinfection. After the children's classes conducted by the teacher, the nurse helps to collect children for a walk, dress them to monitor their safety and order when building group. Sometimes it is also present on the walk, but more often an assistant teacher here at the group, while children do not exist.

The nurse helps to strip the children after the walk, brings you lunch and then dinner, feed the kids, then helps the caregiver to undress and dress before and after daytime sleep. Twice a day the assistant teacher is obliged to carry out wet cleaning was to wash the dust and wash the floors in the hallway, group, bedroom and other rooms. The nurse needs to tidy the toys in the group and on the site, to wash them after walks, to maintain the inventory of the group, to inform about breakdowns and replacement of furniture or toys. Also scheduled nurse is conducting ventilation and kvartsevanie premises. Particularly strict regime of disinfection and sanitary processing group is enforced under the quarantine, so the assistant teacher needs to be aware of all the sanitary norms.

Nurse around subject tutor and with it helps to educate and raise their children according to accepted in the group rules: explain to the children how to sit at the tables as they are and behave how to put the toys, to lay the tables and make beds. General rules and requirements in the group must run together its members. Nurse helping take the children to extra classes and takes after them, and also helps to prepare the educator for classes in the team and tidying up after them. The nurse monitors the cleanliness of bed linen and towels in the bathroom and kitchen, change them if necessary, but not less than once in 10 days. Also she is obliged to wash Windows in the 2 times a year. If needed, the nurse can replace sick teachers, or to follow children during sleep, when the caregiver have any Affairs outside of the group.

The responsibility of the assistant teacher

The assistant teacher is with the kids all day, watching over them and responsible for them as well as the caregiver. In addition, the nurse is obliged to monitor the safety of things and toys of their pupils and equipment of the group. The nurse is obliged to know the safety rules and to follow it when dealing with children in matters of their lives and health. The responsibility she carries for the execution of all the rules that are set for the assistant teacher in a particular garden.