All duties of the kindergarten teacher are recorded in documents such as job description, requirements sanitary and epidemiological service for pre-school institutions, the employment contract between an employer and educator DOE. Everything else not indicated in these documents, the teacher is obliged to perform not.

Job responsibilities of a kindergarten teacher

Every day the teacher takes the children in your group. Every morning he asks parents about their child's health. He also strictly follows the regime of the day and conducts scheduled classes, constantly watching to see how the children adapt in a band gives kids tips. To each of his pupils specialist tries to find an individual approach. He carefully examines the character traits of a child and develops a learning process on the basis of the identified personal qualities.

In addition, its duty is to inform the ward nurse and the head of the kindergarten on children's health.
He also informs the charge nurse about how many children are there in the group and why, and takes into account overall attendance.

The teacher relates with care and attention to any child of their group, with pedagogical tact and poise communicates not only with children but also with their parents. His responsibilities also included communication with families of the child on parenting and child development.

It is known that in kindergarten decided to put the kids to bed. This usually follows the teacher, in the same way as for the organization of walks in the fresh air. On a walk with the caregiver children need to play and physically exercise. Mobile games are before the end of the walk. On the site of the older children are taught to landscaping in the spring, they plant flowers and then watering them.

During a handover the caregiver should remember that the room must be in order.
The teacher hands over the change personally, and children are admitted strictly on the list.

In addition, the teacher must plan educational activities, to write reports, to improve their skills. It executes all the instructions of the leadership, the senior nurse, which relate to educational activities, health and lives of children. Constantly and thoughtfully maintains documentation. Attends courses and seminars to improve teaching level and qualifications.

What you need to know the teacher

The duties of the educator also includes knowledge of specific documents, namely: the Convention on the rights of the child Charter of the organization, the job description and work rules, the basic laws, rules of rendering first medical aid, the procedure in situations threatening the health and lives of children, methodology, and theory of educational work, age physiology, pedagogy, psychology and hygiene, etc.