Ensuring order

Ensuring the hygiene of the premises of the group – one of the responsibilities of the assistant teacher. It needs to carry out the cleaning according to the schedule of cleaning.
Cleaning schedule of the premises shall be made on the basis of sanitary norms. Control over their implementation rests with the medical staff of the kindergarten.

The assistant teacher delivers food from the catering group. In addition, he assists in the nutritional status of children, namely provide serving tables, a La carte distribution of meals, cleaning and washing dishes. To be the assistant teacher for the washing and storage of utensils in a group there is a separate washing.

In the groups of toddlers in the duties of the assistant teacher include caring for kids. If necessary, it needs to wash away the child, to change his clothes, dirty, folded in a separate package.

In the bedroom, the assistant educator conducts periodic linen change. Dirty linen is folded in a special bag and delivered to the Laundry. Clean linen is stored in a separate cupboard. Towels children and staff of the group are also subject to the timely replacement.

Help educators

The assistant teacher works closely with teachers of the group. It helps to exercise regime points. Teaching kids table setting, self-help skills – all included in his responsibilities.

One of the important points – the organization of children. The assistant teacher uses various teaching methods and techniques. For the training of younger teaching staff methodical service kindergarten regular classes in form of workshops, consultations, and individual interviews. Thus, the teacher assistants have the opportunity to not only gain new knowledge but also to exchange experience with children.
In working with parents of pupils, an assistant teacher plays a big role. Direct communication with them allows to build the most successful educational process with children.

In organizing the walk, the assistant teacher is also directly involved, prepares the playing equipment. In addition, he helps prepare the land for walking children - carries out cleaning of the site, across the sand.

In preparing and conducting group-wide activities, the assistant teacher takes an active part. It can act as a game character at the matinee, as well as to assist in the preparation of the necessary attributes.