Stand in a queue in the district of RONO. To the number in the queue is best immediately after the birth of a child and registration of birth certificate. RONO exists in each district of Nizhny Novgorod. Find out office hours and be prepared to stand in line. You need to have a passport and birth certificate of the child.
If you have room in your queue, write it down, not to lose. The results offer practiced in Leninsk, the Moscow and Kanavinsky areas of the city. Nizhny Novgorod parents who have lost a room, warned that to restore it quite problematic due to the lack of an electronic catalog in the Nizhny Novgorod district Board. Unfortunately, members of the district Board seldom meet, courtesy seeking the lost room. Most likely, you will have to rewrite to another location in the tail of the queue. In some districts of Nizhny Novgorod is the issue number you appoint a date when to appear for a ticket.
Use the benefit of getting a place in kindergarten, if you put it. The priority right of admission to the kindergarten are the children of workers and children, brothers and sisters whom attend the kindergarten. Benefits are also based on children of police officers and soldiers, the children of working single parents, children of pupils of mothers, children, disabled persons of I and II groups, children from large families, children under guardianship, children of judges, prosecutors and investigators, etc. To get the benefits provide in RONO supporting documents.
Arrange work in a Junior kindergarten teacher or nanny. In many kindergartens in Nizhny Novgorod constant shortage of personnel, and, most likely, after a conversation with the head you will draw on the work and the child — a kindergarten. That place was assigned for a child to work in the garden will need a year or two.
Remember that there are paid services. Private kindergarten with a comfortable work schedule can be a good option for working parents without any financial problems. Monthly payment for a kindergarten in Nizhny Novgorod varies from 12 to 20 thousand rubles.