First assistant

Methodist in the kindergarten supervised educational work. His responsibilities include the supervision over the work of teachers and other educational staff (music Director, speech therapist, psychologist), inspection of educational work plans, scheduling, necessary and mandatory. Preparation of classes. A visit to these lessons, their analysis.

In the terms of reference of the Methodist kindergarten is to work with young professionals arriving in preschool. Methodist obliged to provide assistance at the initial stage of work of young teachers, to help in the organization of work with children.

Although it should be said that the main function of a modern Methodist kindergarten is not controlling, but primarily the guide. It should show up in the work with experienced teachers and young teachers. Methodist is obliged to bring to the attention of the teachers of the preschool all the innovations in the field of education in General, and in particular pre-school, to explain obscure points, conduct individual work with teachers.

With whom communicates Methodist

Works methodologist in a kindergarten in close liaison with the educational psychologist, for example, they jointly diagnose knowledge, abilities and skills of pupils of all ages. In contact with the head nurse Methodist provides a necessary and sufficient PSIKHOLOGO-pedagogical burden on each child separately.

Along with the head of the Methodist organizes meetings in the institution, is engaged annually by the acquisition of groups of students, conducts equipment training groups necessary furniture and toys.

Methodist kindergarten is not only attending and analyses conducted by the teachers of children classes, but he carries them out in terms of transfer of experience. Often the methodologist of the kindergarten involved with parents, for example, will have a parent meeting with the head of, or independently.

During the absence of the head of the methodologist is responsible for the leadership of the kindergarten.

Workplace practitioner is a methodical study, where teachers can apply for the appropriate literature and advice.

Thus, the responsibilities of a practitioner is vast. Appointed to this position mainly experienced educators, well-proven from a professional point of view.