You will need
  • - the statement;
  • order;
  • the act;
  • - the written punishment;
  • - a written explanation;
  • - office investigation.
For dismissal of the teacher on their own will receive a statement for 14 days. By agreement of the parties, you have the right to make the dismissal without working. If the teacher expressed a desire to quit while on probation, the application must be received no later than three days before the dismissal.
Day release will release the order, perform a full calculation with the employee paying the current salary, payments for vacation and other receivables, issue all documents and service book.
If you dismiss a caregiver under article No. 336, second paragraph which provides for the termination of employment unilaterally in inappropriate methods of education with the use of mental and physical abuse of kids, then you need to have good evidence and to conduct an internal investigation.
For the investigation, create a Commission from the administrative staff of the kindergarten, invite authorized representatives from district education Department, a report of violation of duties, take a written sentence. Then you will be able to terminate the employment contract with the caregiver unilaterally.
As evidence of a breach of duty, rude attitude towards children, violence, physical or psychological in nature you may consider the testimony of the witnesses, having joined them to act. Almost any children's facility has surveillance cameras, which shows the behavior of the teacher and his attitude to children. Often followed by dismissal under article No. 336 of the labour code should be a criminal investigation and the caregiver brought to administrative or criminal liability.
If an educator violates labor discipline, truant, late, comes to work in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, you have the right to dismiss him on the basis of article No. 81 of the LC RF.
For termination of the contract unilaterally make the act of infringement, ask for an explanation of the offence in written form, take a written sentence, and place the order, pay the entire calculation, give the work book.