Advice 1: How to speed up menstruation

If you need to speed up the arrival of menstruation for a few days, it is quite feasible. To speed up menstruation you need to take herbs, but only if you have no allergies to them. Be careful and use the recommended dosage, because and harmless herbs may cause irreparable harm.
How to speed up menstruation
If you are taking birth control pills, stop taking them for a few days before. But when taking the next blister pack of the drug for 1-2 weeks, use additional methods of contraception.
You will need a Bay leaf 60 pieces and 400 g of water.

Bay leaf accelerates the onset of menstruation for a few days. Sheet rinse and place in a saucepan. Pour two cups of water and closing the lid, put on fire. After the water with the Bay leaf to boil, reduce the flame, cover but do not remove. Broth strain and drink warm on an empty stomach. The next day should begin menstruation.
Drink a glass of warm red wine and take a hot bath or take a bath. Monthly should begin on the same day, sometimes the next. But given the fact that you are trying to speed up their arrival for a few days.
Make an infusion of herbs: chamomile, marjoram, Valerian root.

Take four pieces of mint leaves and chamomile, three parts of Valerian root. All the herbs mix well, and if necessary grind. Brew 1 teaspoon per Cup of boiling water. Take a hot infusion two times a day for ½ Cup. My period should start 2-3 days before they are due.
Take ten grams of inflorescences calendula pour a Cup of boiling water. Allow to steep for 30-40 minutes. Then drink before meals 3 tablespoons of decoction three times a day. My period should start within a few days.
Boil 300 g of water and add 5 g of leaves of Rue. Boil on low heat for about 15 minutes, then strain. Take in the morning the entire portion of the decoction on an empty stomach. After taking you should refrain from eating for 6 hours. Drink the broth only once, if my period has not started, repeat the decoction is not recommended.
Take a glass of milk and add four drops of iodine. Drink it all in one go. For the quickest result, take a hot bath or poparte feet in a hot bath. Periods don't come fast within 1-2 days.

Advice 2: How to delay the onset of menstruation

You are in a long-awaited vacation to the sea or favorite finally returns from a long trip, but here they come – the critical days. It is an inevitable natural process; however, you can make the adjustments, postponing menstruation by a few days.
How to delay the onset of menstruation
You will need
  • - combined oral contraceptives;
  • - progestins;
  • - vitamin C.
The easiest way to delay the onset of menstruation, if you're using birth control with combined oral contraceptives. Just don't stop drinking them. After completing the packet, don't wait around for a few days and immediately open the next one. If you are using a three-phase tablets, the days when you had to plan was supposed to start my period, you should use medicines intended for the third phase. But keep in mind that their contraceptive effect is reduced.
If you normally don't use birth control pills, it is advisable to start drinking a month before deadline, when you have to change the menstrual cycle. In the case if you have missed this opportunity, start taking it at least three days before the expected onset of menstruation. Harm to a healthy body that you miss one period, will not, however, it is better to consult a gynecologist before conducting a similar experiment.
To change date is monthly you can use progestins. It is advisable to start drinking two weeks before menstruation (at least for five days). Taking medications to stop that day when my period was supposed to end. To use progestins should be under the supervision of a physician.
There are also a popular way to delay the onset of menstruation. Vitamin C can strengthen blood vessels, delay the start of the cycle and to make allocation more scarce. So a few days before menstruation makes sense to start eating a half of a lemon per day (but only if you do not suffer from increased acidity) and to drink a decoction of parsley. Doctors do not confirm the effectiveness of this method. In some women it works and they are able to transfer monthly, in others, the body continues to work as usual.

Advice 3: Why monthly with mucus

Women always notice a different selection, which, for the most part, are normal until the age of 45. However, with the appearance of mucus in the menstrual period, many begin to suspect yourself of certain pathological deviations associated with the female reproductive system.
Why monthly with mucus

All about mucus from the vagina

Mucus is always associated with the neck of the uterus – namely, endocervical located in the cervical canal and is covered with epithelium from the cervical glands. These glands are mucus producing, which in different periods of the menstrual cycle is either liquid or stretchy and thick consistency. The nature of these secretions is directly related to the hormonal background of the female body, and their main purpose is to facilitate ingress of sperm into the uterus from the vagina.

Mucous discharge from the cervical canal also protects the uterine cavity from the ingress of various infections.

The presence of mucus in menstruation usually occurs at the end of the menstrual cycle, when she gets out of the channel, freeing the path of menstrual blood. For this reason, a small amount of clear mucous discharge in menstruation is considered normal, however, there are certain nuances. The mucus is brown, that appears instead of menstruation, may indicate the presence of endometriosis, the inflammatory process in the uterus or hormonal failure. Quite often the presence of mucosal secretions before the arrival of the expected menses is a sign of pregnancy. In addition, mucus from the vagina can also talk about the ectopic location of the ovum or threatened abortion.

Diseases of the cervix

The appearance of abundant mucous secretions before menstruation or in the process often associated with cervical disease. So, if you have white streaks in the mucus or its white color possible inflammation of the cervical canal or erosion. The cause of such discharge is increased production of cervical mucus glands, so when they appear it is advisable to contact your gynecologist and take appropriate swabs.

Special attention to their health should be given, if mucus in menses accompanied by fever and pain in the abdomen.

It is also important to be able to focus on other signs of unhealthy mucous secretions in menstrual blood. Typically, the discharge of the natural mucus does not cause the woman any discomfort, whereas in the presence of itching, burning, tingling and painful sensations should be suspected in the development of certain pathological process in the female reproductive system. A very important indicator of deviation from the norm is bad smell mucous or menstrual fluid, as well as their custom color (greenish, pinkish, brown and so on).
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