Folk remedies, changing the menstrual cycle

When menstruation has already started, one to expedite its completion. To do this, from the first day, take decoction of nettles. For the preparation you will need 4 tbsp of the herb and 500 ml of boiling water. Add raw materials into the water, place on low heat on the stove and boil for 5 minutes. Wait until they cool down. Take 100 ml three times a day. If you have no menstruation, and bleeding, intake of decoction is contraindicated.

To stop the period or to shorten their duration will help a decoction of water pepper. It may be cooked in the same way as the infusion of nettle. Should take half a Cup three times a day. On average, a 2-3 day course enough.

A mixture of honey with lemon will help to speed up menstruation for 2-4 days. To make this happen, start 10 days before the expected date. Keep in mind that if you have problems with the digestive organ, take this mixture is impossible, as perhaps aggravation.

A decoction of the roots or leaves of parsley accelerates the arrival of menstruation for a few days. For its preparation you will need 5 tbsp of raw materials and 500 ml of boiling water. Mix ingredients and boil. Cover your container and leave for a couple of hours, take 100 ml three times a day, start the course of 10 days to one month.

Possible side effects

People who are prone to allergic reactions, may increase in the form of skin rashes, watery eyes and other symptoms. In this case, the reception of decoctions should immediately stop and seek medical doctor for advice.

Decoctions of herbs that have a hemostatic effect, contraindications problems with blood vessels, heart, etc. as the blood thickens, the formation of blood clots.

Keep in mind that medicinal herbs do not always help to achieve the desired effect. They will not be able to terminate the pregnancy, if you want to call period during the period of delay. To solve the problem, you need a visit to the gynecologist.

If you have menstruation falls on an unwanted date, consult your doctor in advance. Specialist will choose oral contraceptives, which will help to move the cycle without harm to your health. But keep in mind that to begin reception OK should be at least for 1-2 months to get to move the cycle. To independently assign itself the drugs is impossible, as they have an impressive list of contraindications.