The timing of the onset of the first menstruation

In girls, sexual maturation begins with the seven or eight years, when the body hormones are synthesized first. Gradually the figure becomes more feminine appear the hair in intimate areas, Breasts growing, changing behavior. The peak of puberty is the appearance of the first menstruation, which suggests that the girl might happen to ovulate, and she can get pregnant.

Not always the first menses indicate ovulation, in the period of the menstrual cycle ovulation may not be.

Most often the first menstruation begins at 12-14 years, although the norm is much wider, from 9 to 17-18 years. These terms are very individual, it depends on many different factors: heredity, health, environmental. So, full girls menarche occurs earlier, and fans of active sports later. The inhabitants of the southern regions monthly occur in 10-11 years, and Severiano usually late.

Smoking, use of alcohol, strict diet, drugs, abuse of harmful and fat food inhibit sexual development and can delay the onset of menarche.

The menstrual cycle is established immediately, but for one or two years. The first time period are very unstable, with large and different time intervals. Gradually regulated and blood volume, and duration of menstruation.

What to do when the first monthly

The forerunners of the first period are characterized vaginal discharge – leucorrhoea, which become more profuse and viscous. Sometimes girls get PMS symptoms a few months before the first menstruation – mood changes, appear lethargy or tearfulness, may have headaches. If the girl knows about these symptoms and listen to your body, menarche does not become an unpleasant surprise. But many are not ready for changes in your body of girls first period caught off guard, cause fear and cause stress. In the period from 11-12 years to be ready for such changes – for example, it is advisable to carry a few pads and clean underwear, just in case.

At an early age, during menstruation it is advisable to use pads and not tampons, and sometimes even a thin tampon is specially designed for young girls, can break or damage the hymen. Gaskets need to choose from the average absorbency, on the one hand, this will help to avoid difficult situations, if the blood is abundant, the other girl learns to change hygiene often enough that bacteria do not multiply. Not all Teens in this age of liberated enough to not be afraid to buy their own hygiene products. The first time it is desirable that the mother gave her daughter strip.

If the first menstruation is accompanied by pain and spasms, lower physical activity and eat healthy food. If the pain is too strong, it is advisable to tell your parents about this and consult a gynecologist.