As a rule, to restore a regular cycle of prescribed hormonal drugs. As drugs are usually oral contraceptives. Dosage and how it is the drug you need to take, appoint a specialist - a gynecologist. These drugs not only regulate the menstrual cycle, but also improve the skin condition, regulate hormonal balance.
Some ladies use to regulate their own natural cycles alternative medicine. Used mainly a certain set of herbs. Thus, particularly useful are Chinese Angelica, fruit of the Abrahamic tree, soybean, and ginseng. They have a positive effect on the female body due to the content of plant hormones. The admission of such herbs normalizes the level of hormones, regulates the metabolism.
Also you can use herbal teas. For example, like this: take 2 parts of peony root and the same number of yarrow, 1 part Valerian, the same licorice and wormwood. Add 3 parts of chamomile and parsley, 2 - St. John's wort, tansy and ash to 1 part thyme. Mix these herbs together, then take the spoon collection and pour her a glass of boiling water. Infused this collection of a half hour. Drink it before bedtime.
In some cases, the cause of the irregular cycle can be infection. Therefore, when delays or too frequent menstrual bleeding (2-3 times a month) you must immediately consult a doctor. Do the tests, do an ultrasound and you will understand why. Of course, the recovery cycle you will need in the first place to treat infections that interfere with the normal functioning of the body.
Equally important to the recovery cycle is proper nutrition. People need to eat regularly and balanced. Does not focus on the portion size, the food in the first place must be healthy. Even if you're dieting, to repair cycle you need to eat meat. Moreover, modern dietetics offers a fairly large number of programs for healthy eating, involving the eating of meat.