The menstrual cycle consists of two phases: before ovulation and after it. And if the second phase duration is constant (about two weeks), affected by various factors. That is why the length of the cycleand can vary from 21 to 35 (normal) days or more. Because all changes in the body occur under the influence of hormones, to bring forward or push back menstruation can be adjusted to their relationship. For this there are as soft folk and serious medications.
All the processes occurring in the female body during the first phase of the menstrual cycleand is influenced by estrogen. It depends largely on the rate of oocyte maturation and endometrial growth. To reduce the level of estrogen, so it is a bit to lengthen the first phase of the cycleand can revise the diet. Eat more vegetables, especially cauliflower and broccoli. In a dish, add peanut butter and flax oil. Exercise: even small but regular load affect the levels of estrogen.
To increase the level of estrogen, and thus reduce the length of the first phase of the cycleand can also help supply. Eat legumes, in particular beans, peas, soy, and lean fish and meat. But remember that you have to observe moderation. Too high level of estrogens (as well as too low) affects not only the length of the menstrual cycle, but also on overall health.
Affect length of cycleand may upland uterus, or plant is one-sided. This herb contains plant hormones that influence the female reproductive system. If you want to lengthen the menstrual cycle, drink the infusion of upland uterus (tablespoon of herbs per Cup of boiling water) in the first 2 weeks after menstruation. If you need to speed up the onset of menstruation, drink the infusion in the second phase of the cycle. And it's better not to get involved with herbalism in the absence of serious evidence.
If you have a medical condition the doctor may prescribe hormonal drugs which normalize the balance of estrogen and progesterone in the body. As a result of this change and the length of the menstrual cycle.