The extension of the cycle is possible due to combined oral contraceptives. The easiest way would be to those who already accept them. When taking monophasic contraceptives break be required. You only need to immediately start taking these pills after you are done to make a previous. By the way, in this case continue and the effect of contraception. If you use three phase the Koch brothers, then, respectively, from a new package take the pill it is from the third phase. It will have some extra time to defend because the effect in the prolongation of the menstrual cycle will be reduced.
For the delay of menstruation may be monophasic contraceptives, even if before you didn't. Start the pill on any day of the cycle. Remember, however, that in this case the contraception is not guaranteed. She will begin menstruating in a few days after the pack is finished.
Extend your cycle and delay the next with the help of progestins. To accept them it is necessary about five or six days or even two weeks before the desired date. To finish the appointment, only the day on which menstruation was expected to end. If you do so, then menstruation will begin within two to three days. However, before you use this method, please ask a specialist.
To delay menstruation, you can use old, proven folk ways: a few days before menstruation eat one or two of lemon.