Progesterone is a hormone secreted in both the male and female body. It happens in the ovaries and the testes and in the adrenal cortex.

Especially important and necessary hormone progesterone is the female body, as with its help the body is prepared for pregnancy, namely, the inner layer of the uterus for attachment of the fetus. And when a girl is not pregnant, the levels of progesterone in the body depends on the menstrual cycle.

With a low level of progesterone is a disruption of the cycle. Menstruation may start earlier or after the big delay. The amount of hormone depends on which phase occurred in the menstrual cycle. The highest content of the hormone is observed in the period of ovulation when the ruptured follicle after the egg starts to produce the hormone.

Treatment with progesterone

To normalize the menstrual cycle and cause periods, gynecologists prescribe progesterone. Progesterone is released in the form of injections and solutions, and also included tablets and various gels.

Injections are the most common method of replenishing the hormone in the body. Progesterone is administered in an amount of from 5 to 10 mg intramuscularly, to achieve the best effect. The duration of treatment ranges from 3 to 6 days, depending on the nature of the violation. Basically, to induce menstruation using drugs: progesterone 2,5%; 2% and 1%. All of these products contain the hormone in solution with olive or almond oil. In order to properly determine what reception method is right in your case, as well as the required dosage, you need to consult a doctor.

Tablets are a less common method of taking progesterone due to the fact that there are many side effects. In the medical market, it is considered that pills containing a synthetic analogue of progesterone, are less likely to cause serious side effects. The dosage fully depends on the nature of the disease and the chosen drug, which contains progesterone. When you use the pills must strictly adhere to the instructions to avoid unwanted consequences.

The deficit of progesterone in the female body is also treated with a 1.7% gel. Half a teaspoon should be rubbing the soft skin areas (hands, feet) once or twice a day.

If the treatment with medication containing progesterone may have headaches, dizziness, drowsiness and depression, stop treatment and choose with the help of a doctor the most suitable medication.