One of the most popular ways to speed up menstruation - taking hot tubs. The effect of such procedures is achieved by the fact that the heat of the body during taking a bath is increasing dramatically. The heat relaxes the abdominal muscles while increasing the flow of blood from the uterus. Alternatively, such baths you can use a hot compresses. They lead to the same effect, cause the body to release heat, dilate blood vessels and stimulate, thus, the flow of blood.
Physical exercises are also a convenient way to speed up menstruation. Any physical activity improves blood circulation in the body, which in turn may lead to menstrual bleeding. At the same time not to overdo it. Excessive exercise can lead to the opposite effect – the delay period.
To influence the circulation of blood through the stimulation of certain points of the body, it is necessary to undergo sessions of acupuncture or acupressure. These treatments help strengthen the reproductive system of the organism making it work better. However, before using these methods, be sure to consult with your doctor, because them after menstrual cycle can stop completely.
Try not to get into a stressful situation. Stress directly affects the level of hormones in the body and can lead to delays in the menstrual cycle. Monitor your emotional state and try to relax more often.
Diet women also has a direct impact on her period. Try to completely eliminate or at least reduce the consumption of salty foods, excess sodium affects the flow of menstruation. Eat more foods rich in carotene, for example, pumpkin, apricots, carrots, spinach, etc. Red meat can increase heat in the body and thus speed up your period. So increase its intake.
Drink teas from herbs that affect the reproductive system, they stimulate blood circulation and accelerate, so monthly. However, do not forget to consult your doctor consumption of such drinks can adversely affect hormonal levels. The most secure of these herbs are: chamomile, ginger, rosemary, sage etc.