Advice 1: How to connect a fm modulator

FMmodulatoror transmitter, it is convenient to use in car to play audio files recorded on a flash drive if your music system is not equipped with a USB interface.
How to connect a fm modulator
All FMmodulators work on a simple principle: the device plays audio files from memory external media (or internal memory) and translates them to the installed radio frequency in FM band. On the same frequency is configured, the car audio system or a radio that allows you to listen to recorded files.
To connect the FMmodulatorand it is enough to have in the car-free 12-volt outlet or cigarette lighter. Insert in the wall socket , the modulator and use the buttons to set the radio frequency in FM band, which is not being broadcast on local radio stations. It is best to choose the frequency that maximally remote from the frequencies at which transmit radio stations so when playing the modulatorOhm audio no artifacts.
Now turn on car radio and adjust its receiver to the frequency that was established in the modulatorE. Turn on the modulatore playback by pressing the Play button. If everything was done right, from the speakers of the car radio, you will hear the sound of the audio files playable modulatorom.

Advice 2: How to connect receiver

Receivers come in single-unit and two-unit (1DIN and 2DIN). Europeans offer the 1DIN size, and the Japanese, Koreans and Americans 2DIN.
How to connect receiver

If earlier, in order to connect the radio, you just cut the wire from the plug, put them with the wires by color the radio and rewinding, I suggest you forget this method, it is still very unreliable, and not aesthetically pleasing.

Standard there are two plugs: brown – outputs the sound to the acoustics, and a black – power radio and other options.

A few important factors:

  • Food is best implemented through a separate transaction (if not provided) from the battery to the receiver or, in extreme cases, from the cigarette lighter.

  • Under the power of the radio involved two wires yellow and red. Yellow is tuning the radio, and red turns off the radio and activates the ignition. To prevent this from happening at the same time, you need to attach these two wires in parallel. But the red wire is to put a separate switch that suddenly got the battery.

  • The blue wire provides power to the active antennas. Power to the antenna is supplied automatically after you turn on the radio and Vice versa, respectively.

If you have not previously stood a radio, in order to properly connect the radio, you need to route the cable for the speakers with a cross section of 2 mm.

Selecting and installing speakers (acoustics):

Diffuser in dynamics should be made of hard plastic or Kevlar, but the suspension needs to be soft, for example, rubberized fabric suspension. It is best to choose such manufacturers: sony, panasonic, pioneer, kenwood.

Where to position the acoustics:

Better if it's height at the level of heads of listeners, so it is better to install speakers in the back.

How to fix the radio in the car:

Included with the radios are frame. They are attached to the console of the car. First remove the frame from the body of the car, installed in the provided for the radio place and vygeboom metal petals on the frame so that the frame is securely held in the nest. Then connected the radio to be inserted in that same place until it clicks.


In order for the radio to be removed, you need to open the petals and remove the radio.


If, however, You can't do it yourself, remember that there are service centers that offer such services.

Important. Before you begin, be sure to throw off the negative battery terminal!!!

Advice 3: How to connect a cigarette lighter

The rapid development of information technology has created the conditions under which the manufacture is arranged of all kinds of devices designed for communication and data transfer. The life of modern man is also unthinkable without owning a personal vehicle. And the only place designed to connect various electrical devices in the car is the cigarette lighter.
How to connect a cigarette lighter
You will need
  • - pliers,
  • - screwdriver,
  • - nail file or needle file.
As you know, that just does not have to connect the owners to the electrical system through the cigarette lighter socket. Starting with charger for mobile phone, and ending with the laptop or with a compressor. Many of the devices require high power consumption, which creates significant load on the cigarette lighter, which is often in modern cars refuses to work, despite the lack of tangible visual inspection of faults.
After replacing the broken cigarette lighter new, it also after some time refuses to function, which causes a lot of complaints from car owners in the address of the specified equipment.
In order to avoid unnecessary expenditures, you need to slightly change the design of the cigarette lighter, thanks to which you are connecting to the onboard network of the car.
If you have suffered a failure associated with the failure of the cigarette lighter to supply power to consumers, do not rush to the store to purchase a new device. For starters, get to his rear, and after disconnecting from the cigarette lighter wires, you want to check with a test light current on their terminals. No voltage indicates a need to change the fuse. The presence of voltage in the specified location - provides complete dismantling of the cigarette lighter, to improve the node it is connected to a power source.
On the lighter, Unscrew the nut, and it can be disassembled into components. Including obscure semiconductor plate located at the bottom of the specified device. It usually, in most cases, is the cause of the failure of the cigarette lighter.
Plate must be remove without any regrets. Then with needle files, grinds a ledge on the body of the lighter, and then made its successful Assembly, installation and connection to the cigarette lighter supply wiring.
From now on, the cigarette lighter will serve faithfully to its owner for very long without problems providing energy to all consumers connected through its socket to the onboard network of the car.

Advice 4: How to make a fm modulator

Car fm modulator is a decoding device that is able to convert and stream music from a memory card or USB flash drive. In most cases, a fm modulator, you have given the range of variable frequencies, although there are models with fixed transmitters on a frequency band of broadcasting.
How to make a fm modulator
You will need
  • - fm modulator;
  • - a pair of computer speakers;
  • - computer cords;
  • knife;
  • - fuse;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - the file;
  • - power supply unit;
  • - wire;
  • - duct tape.
Correctly set the fm modulator is simple: insert the transmitter into the lighter socket. Then put on a modulatore frequency.
Finally, set the stereo to put on a modulatore frequency and enjoy listening to music.
Of the fm modulatorand you can make a great MP3 USB player, with radio you do not need. The first thing to remove from the panel ashtray: this place will be the speakers.
Cut the plug from the computer cord in the hole through which the stretched walking out of the cabin to the bonnet wire, thread the cord.
Connect the cord to the battery. In the end it should look like this: one end of the cord should be attached to the cigarette lighter, and the second to the battery (it is desirable that the connection was made using the fuse).
Disassemble the column. Speakers install in the hole from under the ashtray and solder to them wires (you can use even those wires that used to connect speakers to the computer). In the end, if you did everything correctly, it should be equipped with two speakers, from which hangs a wire with a jack.
Disassemble the lighter and with a file make a notch under the wire. Then straighten the "whiskers" in the nest.
Solder the wire to the body of the cigarette lighter, then the body gently wrap with electrical tape.
Then carefully grind the teeth of the outer cylinder (the body of the cigarette lighter) and wrap and this region several layers of duct tape: generally there should be no contact with the outside zero.
Disassemble the old power supply: you need the inner part. Taken from the power supply "filling" will act as a filter that protects the device from interference which may be caused, for example, the operation of the generator. The filter will consist of coil, capacitor and connecting terminals.
To the input of the amplifier solder the wire with the mini jack: this will give the possibility to connect to an amplifier fm modulator. Then in the nest the modulatorand make using a conventional wire jumper wire: this is necessary in order to soviani the minijack was used for the signal transmission and not reception.
Place under a panel, an amplifier and a filter, and then connect all the wires (for power supply with lighter socket and power) colors, that is, the pros to the pros and cons by cons.
Connect the speakers to the amplifier and posledni connect to fm modulator (all connecting wires hide under the panel).
Then turn on the amplifier, plug in fm modulator USB flash drive with the songs and hit play: the excellent music you provided.
Using a soldering iron, observe the safety regulations!
Useful advice
Functionally distinguish between fm modulators with internal memory, the mode of operation from the built-in device battery life, can play video files as well as with a Bluetooth option.
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