You will need
  • - pliers,
  • - screwdriver,
  • - nail file or needle file.
As you know, that just does not have to connect the owners to the electrical system through the cigarette lighter socket. Starting with charger for mobile phone, and ending with the laptop or with a compressor. Many of the devices require high power consumption, which creates significant load on the cigarette lighter, which is often in modern cars refuses to work, despite the lack of tangible visual inspection of faults.
After replacing the broken cigarette lighter new, it also after some time refuses to function, which causes a lot of complaints from car owners in the address of the specified equipment.
In order to avoid unnecessary expenditures, you need to slightly change the design of the cigarette lighter, thanks to which you are connecting to the onboard network of the car.
If you have suffered a failure associated with the failure of the cigarette lighter to supply power to consumers, do not rush to the store to purchase a new device. For starters, get to his rear, and after disconnecting from the cigarette lighter wires, you want to check with a test light current on their terminals. No voltage indicates a need to change the fuse. The presence of voltage in the specified location - provides complete dismantling of the cigarette lighter, to improve the node it is connected to a power source.
On the lighter, Unscrew the nut, and it can be disassembled into components. Including obscure semiconductor plate located at the bottom of the specified device. It usually, in most cases, is the cause of the failure of the cigarette lighter.
Plate must be remove without any regrets. Then with needle files, grinds a ledge on the body of the lighter, and then made its successful Assembly, installation and connection to the cigarette lighter supply wiring.