You will need
  • transmitter,
  • - flash drive with USB connector.
Priority in the choice of transmitter is low cost compared to MP-3-car-stereo. On the shelves of trading organizations represented a wide range of these devices, but most of them incorporate such features as:
- configure to any frequency in the FM band (of 87.7-89.1% versus 096,7-107.9 MHz),
- swivel design allowing the connection of the transmitter to any cigarette lighter socket, wherever it was located in the vehicle;
- connector miniJakc for headphones, CD or MP3 player, music which can be heard through the acoustics of the car interior;
- vehicle universal USB slot to connect any flash memory or other media.
In order to connect the transmitter to the audio output device on-Board network of the vehicle, remove the cigarette lighter from the socket and insert the transmitter. Then enable the receiver and set it the frequency for receiving the signal from the considered equipment.
After connecting the flash drive to the transmitter, the device itself will scan the media on it multimedia files and start playback in order. To switch to another musical composition, there are two buttons, clicking on one of them, you can listen to the next or previous track.