You will need
  • - the car;
  • - active antenna;
  • - capacitor;
  • - throttle;
  • adapter.
Connect the active antenna to the standard output. For this, first and foremost, install the special adapter. It can be found in automotive stores. Solder between two of the output capacitor and inductor. This conclusion is required to connect the antenna. A second terminal of the capacitor should be soldered to the copper core antenna, which you plan to connect to the radio.
Solder the second output of the throttle wire to +12V power. Next, pay attention to isolation, to do this, connect the plus from the yellow wire, the power for which is supplied when the ignition is switched on the antenna through the inductor +12V. On the radio, connect it with a capacitor.
Use another option to include the active antenna. For this you will need the same parts. On the throttle and put on the capacitor insulating tube, this design insert in the plug. Solder the copper core. Then solder the braid wire of the screen. Secure the second connector, do not forget to put on the wire his mate.
Connect the wire from the radio to the antenna accordingly the following order. Yellow wire to constant positive, no matter how is the ignition switch. Red wire connect to the terminal of the ignition switch, in which a plus at the time of turning the key. You can find it with a tester. The black wire is ground, connect it to the body. Blue or blue and white wire must be connected to an active antenna, to plus.
Orange wire connect to the terminal of the light switch. Or you can attach it to another terminal on which a voltage is applied at the time of switching the Parking light of the vehicle. Yellow-black wire connect to the wire of the car kit Hands-Free. If this kit is missing, do not connect anywhere.