If the sound is issued by radio without amplifiers, adjust it as follows. Put the music that you like, and set the level of soundand on the border of the beginning interference ("wheezing"). That is, so that the slightest increase in volume started "wheezing". Slowly start pulling the upper and lower frequencies. Top set to your liking, and the lower set on high, on the border of the beginning of the "gap" speakers.
Adjust the fader and balance audio system. For this study, using the user menu adjustments. Rear components (columns) configure only podsvechivaya background. The main music should come from the front speakers. To adjust the level of the front and rear speakers fader designed. They adjust the components so that the level of soundand the front was more the rear at 15%.
In the presence of component speakers, set the crossovers to the sound of tweeters on the magnitude of 2 DB. And exactly the same as in paragraph 2 remove the main sound on the front speakers. When setting up a soundand right/left speakers, use the balance adjustment. And install the balance of the right components at 10-15% more than on the left, some softening of the latter.
If the audio system usnascheny of the power amplifier, optionally, set up the filters and adjust the power level of the amplifier. Please agree on the level of the signal receiver to the signal level of the amplifier.
To do this, reset all settings, setting them to zero or to factory settings. The power level of the amplifier turn on minimum sensitivity. Start to increase the volume of the receiver to the starting point of the distortion sound. As soon as they start, maintain your level. Get to the amplifier (usually it is in the trunk) and gradually increase the power level until a distortion sound. As soon as they appear, reduce the power.
Locate the amplifier filters the upper (high pass) and low frequencies (low pass). High-pass filter set to 80-100 Hz. The low – pass filter to the level of 70-90 Hz. Experiment with the filter settings to soundlike the picture was more accurate. Then adjust the fader and balance the ratio of the level of soundas front/rear and right/left speakers as described above.