You will need
  • - car radio JVC.
Install the radio into the dashboard and connect to the car.

The principle of the connection of the receiver depends on the model. Some modifications are equipped with extra connectors and wires for connection of additional devices: antenna, amplifier, acoustic devices. Identify the model of your radio, use manual and wiring diagram, which is available on the official website of JVC
The time on the radio appears on the display. Set by pressing button S/SEL to enter the menu.

After enter the menu radio press the button "1" on the control panel of the radio, the display will show the CLOCK H (hour setting). Press the scroll forward/backward or the volume control (by scrolling in one direction or another), set the way the "Clock".

After installing the "Clock" press "2" on the control panel of the unit, after the appearance on the display CLOCK M (minute setting), it will be possible to establish a "Minute", then proceed the same way as installing a "clock".
In the menu of the receiver there are two time format 24H/12H (24 or 12 hour clock).

The 24H format to display the time using 24-hour format, i.e. if the time is 23 hours and 15 minutes, the display image 23:15, if the clock format is 12H, the display will show the time as 11:15.

Hit the button "3" on the control panel, the display will show the time format 24H/12H, the selection is done by pressing the scroll forward/backward.
When the time and format installed, finish the installation by pressing the S button/SEL on the control panel. Time settings will be saved.