You will need
  • a small amount of birch sawdust, capacitance, several sheets of clean tissue paper, rubber medical pear and tweezers, a brush with fine bristles and dental shedua with soft bristles
Once in 3 years, you need to clean watches and lubrication of the parts of the mechanism, these actions protect the watch from wear. Such cleaning of the clock mechanism required action, as during operation of the mechanism borne of huge features and loads. Fresh lubrication of the watch movement allows all the details to work clearly and correctly.
We all know that oil is only applied on dry and clean surface, therefore before greasing the mechanism should be cleaned thoroughly and dried.So, how to clean a watch.
The cleaning process of the clock mechanism, we can be divided into several stages.
Disassembly of the movement.
Cleaning the clock mechanism.
Assembly hours.
Lubrication of the parts of the mechanism.
Setting the clock mechanism in the watch case.
In order to clean hours are kindly requested to do the following:
Available in any store household chemicals gasoline Shoe. If this kind of gasoline you did not happen to find, you can take a simple medical alcohol.
To prepare a brush with fine bristles and a toothbrush with soft bristles for cleaning larger parts.
Collect a small amount of birch sawdust.
Prepare a small container, a few sheets of clean tissue paper, rubber medical pear, and tweezers.
Now proceed directly to cleaning the clock mechanism. Remember, always clean the balance after the fine details of the mechanism and then to major. It is important to do some simple actions.
Pour the gasoline into a container, with a height of approximately 2 cm.
Lower the balance in a container of gasoline and rinse, holding the rim.
Remove the balance, a little trotted back and forth (gently) and put it in sawdust.
Clean in the same way the anchoring fork and place on the prepared paper.
Clean the anchor bridge plugs and engrenage, just put on paper.
Clean the wheels and axle of a spring of the clock mechanism.
Clean platinum and the drum spring. In order to clean the drum of the mechanism, you must first open it and remove the cover with tweezers.
Blow (dry) rinsed all parts with a rubber pear.
Assemble the clock mechanism. Assembled to produce as quickly as possible, it is voicegenie debris and dust inside.
Cleaning your watch is over, now it remains only to lubricate the mechanism and the watch is ready for another 3-4 years to serve you without interruption.