Consider strap. It consists of two types of parts: plates, each of which has two transverse slits and straps that are installed in these cracks and interconnect two adjacent plates. Details of the second type after the installation is bent from the back side of the bracelet.
If you purchased the strap separately from the hoursbefore you fit install it on the watch. To determine how many links to remove, without this it is impossible. Then put on the watch and see if they hang. The very small overhang is normal - it means the bracelet fits to your hand and winging it is not necessary. If it turned out that the diameter of the strap is considerably greater than the diameter of the hand, you want to remove one or more links.
To remove the link, bend one Hoop detail on both sides, and the next - with only one adjoining it. Pull the first of them, and it turns out that you can get and one plate. Then insert the bent part of the second tightening parts in the remaining slot of the plate and fold again. Perform all operations carefully to avoid scratching the front side of the bracelet below and on the reverse side appeared sharp edges. Be sure to save deleted items, especially if they have a coating of precious metals.
Again put on the watch and make a decision on the need to remove the following link. Always remove them only one at a time, each time trying on watches. If this rule is not followed, you can accidentally make a bracelet too tight and uncomfortable to wear. Such a watch you will want to take a minute, besides, they can numb the hand.
If you have accidentally deleted the extra link, install it in reverse order. However, after that you will have to accept the fact that the appearance of the bracelet is a little spoiled.