Decorating your house and sending out all the invitations, you can now think about the format of your festive evening. It is better to celebrate birthday at home in the buffet or cocktail parties. This evening will allow your invited guests to feel more freely and without much hesitation to move around the house. You must prepare delicious snacks and sweet treats. Most important there was no shortage of alcoholic beverages and ice. On any festive evening, and the celebration is never too much.

To celebrate the birthday at home and not get out of the way, it is better to put on a festive table with disposable dishes. After all, the question of washing dishes on this special day won't bother you. During the celebration you or your family should have to go through the apartment and collect the empty cups, bottles, plates to your party constantly was clean.

Decorations for an apartment in a birthday suit a variety. No need to think that the colored ribbons, balloons and garlands for holiday decoration thing of the past. They are relevant at any time and at any event. Bright and beautiful birthday enhances the mood of all guests. In the colorful atmosphere of festive parties and fun guests, your holiday will become even nicer and brighter.

Is ready in advance to the selection of music that will sound at a birthday party. You need to think about whom you invited to the party what your guests preferences in musical direction. It is better to organize music mix that includes all kinds of music that will appeal to every guest.

To open the gifts before all the guests. No need to compare them. Always equally bright to Express the happy emotions during the presentation of all gifts. Not worth it to clearly indicate your preference regarding any of the gifts, this may offend your guests.

Following all the advice, your birthday definitely will be a success. The most important thing - you should always smile, the mood of the birthday child will depend on the occasion.