You will need
  • - delicious food;
  • - the movie tickets.
Remember what you dreamed in childhood. Can ride a horse, to jump with a parachute or swim under water? Do it in the day of his birth, do not procrastinate. Go to an expensive restaurant and order some exotic dishes that I have long wanted to try. Enjoy delicious food and live music.
Buy a ticket to another city and wander through its streets, museums. Special interest you can poke a finger into the map at random. This will be an unforgettable adventure for you in an unfamiliar city in search of entertainment.
If you just want to relax, enjoy a movie marathon - we'll see 3-4 new films on the big screen in a row. Stock up on popcorn and Pepsi and enjoy the experience.
Hard workers who don't see a white light in their offices, take a day off and just relax on the couch. Prepare a good wine and order dinner delivered, enjoy complete idleness.
Celebrate the day of birth alone, and then gather friends and family, assigning a different date. So you feel that you can conquer time and that you can make a difference in their lives.
Arrange for yourself a holiday for the soul - read a book, watch a show from disk without ads. Buy the game you wanted to play. Treat yourself, wander through the shops in search of a special gift. Do not buy practical thing that you would buy regardless of the holiday. In this day you can afford a bit of madness.
The hike to the tattoo parlor with a tempting picture or a piercing with a beautiful trinket will help create the appropriate mood. Let this be your secret for special occasions and special people.
Call the old friends talked for many years. Invite them to visit. Surrender to nostalgia by beautiful music, look through the albums with his childhood and youthful pictures. Remember your dreams and compare them with the achievements of his life. In such moments, comes the rethinking everything that happened, new ideas that you will translate into reality.