Trek or ride. Far, tiring road but will be an original decision. Take, for example, a plane ticket, fly to Moscow, have lunch in any Metropolitan restaurant or cafe, stroll around town, snap a couple of photographs against the background of the metropolis and in the evening come back home. A lot of new unforgettable impressions and emotions you and your spouse guaranteed. The variant and "democratic". Go there, where there was not, or was, but for a long time. This may be a regional center, suburban, etc.
Protect your children. Imagine that in this birthday you will be five years! Go to the Park with your beloved, then visit the circus, take on the carousel, eat in the Park, ice cream or cotton candy. What could be more fun children's pranks! Because doing stupid things is sometimes good! Coming home can view your baby pictures, reminisce and share the most interesting moments of his childhood.
Take a trip into the countryside. Select a quiet and picturesque place, where there is no nearby campers. Play ping-pong, sunbathe, buy. In the evening build a fire, fry it meat or marshmallows, play guitar. And when it got dark, cuddle up with a blanket with your beloved and enjoy the starry sky, because for the city it is much cleaner.
Spend the day at home. Disable home and cell phone numbers, abstracted from the outside world. Buy the DVD with interesting films order your favorite pizza, Nazarite popcorn and arrange a "cinema day". And in the evening prepare together a festive dinner. No matter if you or your spouse can't cook, the process itself is important "messing" in the kitchen together. Light the candles, pour into beautiful glasses of champagne. And don't forget the traditional attribute of any birthday cake with candles. And then a romantic night in the arms of your beloved.