Festively decorate the room, which will host the evening. Prepare a table, which will present all your dishes. In the center put a gourmet cake. But the highlight of the holiday, should not be sitting behind a Desk and uptake salads, you need to entertain guests or your birthday will turn into a normal, boring dinner with a rich treat.
In order that the occasion was cheerful, assign who will be the master of ceremonies. Master of ceremonies will begin the contests and conduct the whole event. Come up with a variety of fun contests with small prizes playing.
It can be dancing under the name "Who's who peretantsuet", singing karaoke for the best performance of the song. Can hold a fashion show, participate in dressing up have guests, the winner is the one who is more likely to demonstrate your outfit. The contest is called "guess who", one guest is blindfolded, and he will guess whom caught. Can arrange a competition "Who will sing the rhymes". In General, with a little imagination, your guests will not linger in one place, and not be bored, and remember only that they had a good time.
And of course don't forget that you are on holiday, the host, and the host must be hospitable, to treat generous, and accepting gifts, grateful. And then all the guests will want to visit on your birthday even a single time and will remember it for a very long time.