You will need
  • are some money;
  • - fiction, savvy;
  • the venue of the festival.
Decide on the venue of the celebration. If you want to celebrate a birthday, it is not necessary to remove cafe, restaurant, as it is not cheap. Mark the holiday at home. If you were born in a warm season, then a great option will be the nature or the country.
Picnic on the meadow or in the forest. Fry a shish kebab. To save on the celebration, buy a chicken fillet and marinate it yourself in mayonnaise with spices. String on a skewer in turn fillets, slices of tomato, zucchini, slices of peppers.
Get brought from home, a snack "Rafaello". For its preparation chop on a coarse grater processed cheese 4 small - 5 egg yolks of boiled eggs. Add 10 finely chopped crab sticks and 2 crushed cloves of garlic. The ingredients connect. Mix the mass with the mayonnaise. Roll several balls out of it, after putting them in the nuts (hazelnuts, almonds). Roll each piece in grated proteins boiled eggs.
Take nature cheap original snack crackers. For this you will need 500 grams a square cracker, and the same cuts of bacon. Take the meat strip, wrap it around the cookie. Put the semis on a baking sheet and bake at 150 ° C. When the crust is browned, go ahead. Place snacks on cookie sheet. When it has cooled, fold it into a paper bag which put in a plastic one.
If you have your own garden, and the solemn day falls on August-September, mark a joyous event in the country. Dig up potatoes and bake it in an original way. Make every 3-4 cuts (not completely). Put them in a mug of tomato, which is also tear from his garden. If there is cheese, place the slices next to the tomatoes, cover the potatoes with mayonnaise, salt and bake in the foil.
Surprise your guests with a liqueur of our own production, but start to cook it 2 weeks before the holiday. Dissolve in 500 ml vodka 200 grams of sugar, put in of alcoholic beverage a glass of strawberry or raspberry. After 14 days, fragrant and cheap liquor ready.
The house is also perfect to celebrate a birthday with a small budget. Beautifully decorate the table. This will help "ladybugs". Divide 10 small sturdy tomato in half, spoon out the middle. Prepare the stuffing. For this mash 250 grams of canned salmon and mix with five boiled eggs, grated on a fine grater. Add mayonnaise and chopped 2 cloves of garlic. Stir it a lot, put the halves of tomatoes. Lay them on a platter decorated with lettuce leaves, stuffing down. Cut very finely 2 dark olives and place on the tomatoes. This is the point on the back of the insect. One olive slice larger. These pieces – head ladybugs. Their green onion make antennae.
The most expensive on the holiday table – meat dishes. You can cheat by preparing pot roast. It requires a lot of potatoes, which is cheap and little meat.
Guests ate, do the usual "Olivier", but decorate it differently and proclaim that it's a salad "Daisy". This sacrifice further three boiled eggs. Finely grate the yolks and put them in dishes on the salad in a small circle. It's the middle of the flower. Squirrels cut into thin slices and place in the form of petals of chamomile. Thus it is possible to "disguise" any other salad.