The process of obtaining medical insurance of the uniform sample consists of several stages. First, the citizen must choose a medical insurance organization (HIO), which you need to apply for registration of the policy. Moreover, the ability to replace SMO is only granted once a year not later than 1 November. The exception is the change of residence, or the termination of activity of the insurance medical organizations.
On the day of treatment to the insurance company you need to have a passport and insurance number of individual personal account (SNILS). The citizen provided information will certainly check for the presence of double insurance in other organizations, as the man has the right to only one medical insurance. Then the insured writes a letter and receives a temporary certificate, which confirms the fact of registration of policy of obligatory medical insurance. A temporary policy allows you to go to medical facilities within 30 working days.
After a certain amount of time a citizen will get a permanent policy, which will have limits of validity. In addition, if the insured person suddenly will appear the desire to change one insurance company to another, in this case the substitution policy is not made. It will only made a note of it. Need to know if a citizen has not filed a statement of selection or replacement of an insurance organization, it is assumed that it is insured the insurance company that was listed earlier.
All policies that were issued before January 1, 2011 are valid. However, it is important to remember that by law they need to exchange insurance policies of the new sample before January 1, 2014. Citizens who have such a policy, guaranteed free medical assistance. Note that to receive emergency medical care policy is not required.