You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the insurance pension certificate;
  • - birth certificate (children).
Temporary medical insurance policy is valid for 30 days all citizens, persons, recognised refugees, foreign nationals with a permanent residence permit in the Russian Federation. The time of issuance of the temporary policy is set exactly to the moment, how will be designed and issued a permanent policy of compulsory medical insurance, which will operate throughout Russia. It will not need to change when changing the place of work, residence, and insurance companies. When you change insurance company there is a field for mark.
Also a temporary policy, you will be able to issue, if come temporarily in the Russian Federation and received the permission to temporary residence and work. A temporary policy will run for the whole period of residence in the territory of the Russian Federation specified in the permit issued by the FMS.
To obtain temporary medical insurance for Russian citizens, refugees, foreign nationals should contact the employer with whom the employment contract is signed or in the administration of the place of residence. After 30 days will be issued a permanent medical health insurance. All the 30 days prescribed by law for registration of a permanent insurance policy, medical assistance can be obtained on a temporary document.
To get temporary medical health insurance to citizens who have received temporary residence permit in Russia, you must also contact the employer and to the administration at the place of temporary residence. The policy issued will operate as much time as the foreign national will reside in the territory of the Russian Federation. If the FMS will extend the stay can be extended and a temporary policy.
Citizens arriving temporarily to the territory of the Russian Federation and have not received a residence permit can only rely on a medical emergency or to issue voluntary medical insurance. To obtain a temporary document allowing the use of medical care in Russia, they can't.