You will need
  • -passport for all owners
  • -the statement in the BTI
  • -the statement in ZHEU
  • -certificate on family composition for the calculation of the rent
  • -title deed for an apartment
  • -agreement of purchase and sale
Contact BTI documents and write a statement about the change in the name of the apartment owner in the cadastral passport. It must be done immediately after registration of property rights. Attach a document proving your identity, the proof of purchase and certificate of ownership. All homeowners must apply in person except for minor children. In case of impossibility of personal treatment to act on behalf of the co-owners on the basis of a notarized power of attorney. The fact of the transaction and transfer of rights of ownership of record and in the cadastral passport at the apartment changed the name or names of the owners.
To contact the tax authorities for the production of estate records is not necessary. It should make for you a service of the BTI and the state registration authority. The timing for the notification of the tax service about the change of property owner – 10 days. You will send by mail notification by registered mail that the change of ownership is recorded, and taxes for the apartment will be coming in your name. If you sell an apartmenton the basis of messages of the same services taxes for the property will cease to accrue.
About buying an apartment and register it in your name you can inform the housing Department and the company supplying electricity. The rent will be send in your name and the composition of your family. Subscriber Department of energy supplying company will put the accounting record of the change in the apartment of the owner and will conclude the contract for the supply of electricity.