Write a statement about the production you owned real estate in the cadastre and sign the signature by a notary. Pay the state fee for the conduct of this transaction and attach the receipt to the package of documents. You will also need the original certificates of ownership and land plan.
If the boundary planand there is, contact a licensed surveying company. Surveyors should submit a notarized copy of the certificate of ownership, contract of sale or deed to the property. If the plan is drawn up on a suburban area, you will need a copy of the General planand the horticultural society. It must be stamped and signed by the Chairperson and accountant of the horticultural society. And to all this add the technical passport of the technical inventory Bureau (BTI). After some time, the surveyors will arrive at the area with all the necessary measuring equipment and amount of boundary plan. This procedure requires pre-payment in the amount of several thousand rubles, depending on the type and size of real estate.
Write the statement for statement on the cadastral accounting in the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography. Attach the boundary plan. This statement is also available via the Internet, on the official site In each region of the Russian Federation this organization has its own subsite, for example, in Novosibirsk it is Website find your region by contacting to the main site, putting in the below link for your region or by typing a corresponding request in the searcher. As a result of consideration of the documents you will receive cadastral number of the land and after some time you will be given three copies of the cadastral plan.