You will need
  • documents to the property, including the landmark plan; title or right supporting documents
Cadastral passport of object of real estate — this package of documents, which is a statement of a certain form of the all-Russian register of the state real estate cadastre (GKN). The passport contains information and details about your plot or structure, as well as its unique characteristics (address, location, area, encumbrances, cadastral value, etc.) provided by the law.
In order to register their rights to the land, you will receive a cadastral passport for it in the form of extracts, incorporating sections of GKN V. 1-V. 4, but only if you have the appropriate information about the site. Cadastral passport for free will give you on the cadastral register ("cadastral chamber"), if you go there to put on cadastral registration of your property. If you need to put on record any change in the characteristics of the site or to request information on it, the passport is issued for a fee. So what should you do in order to obtain a cadastral passport:
Gather all the necessary documents in order to apply to the body of the cadastral account:

• boundary plan (if you want to put on record the land or to carry out changes its characteristics);

• the document confirming powers of the person representative of the applicant (power of attorney);

• copy of title document or copy of a document confirming the applicant's right to specific property;

• copy of documents in accordance with which it is possible clearly to identify which category of land and type of permitted use of land plot belongs.
2. Contact your local "Land cadastral chamber" at the place of location of the property, a statement on the cadastral registration or request for information personally or through the official website of the cadastre office.
3.Get cadastral passport in the number of copies from two to five at the latest within twenty working days from the date of application.