Genuine penchant for certain professions involves not only the pleasure of accomplishment (it's nice in any career), but also the joy during the process of its implementation. Recognition and benefits of some activity, you may like it, but this is not enough if the process itself is not attractive and does not please you. This is the first thing to remember when choosing a profession. That is why as soon as you make a preliminary list of multiple specialties, you should try to try to deal with them in practice, at least as an Intern.
To determine the profession, you can remember what you liked when you were a kid. Even small children feel good your preferences. If you remember what games you tend to play and where he showed ability, to identify areas of activity in adult life. For example, one child begins to read sooner than others, the other asks about the world, the third is able to concentrate, the fourth draws, and the fifth likes to disassemble and reassemble the designer, sometimes surprising all his decisions. All of this indicates certain tendencies.
Tests for career guidance can help you identify your aptitudes for a particular profession. Usually they include not only those matters that demonstrate a clear interest in the desired field of knowledge, but also those that show enough of the person whether the desired qualities for a specific profession. May be asked questions about the same activity described from different sides. If the subject demonstrates a constant desire to do something, regardless of which side it is described, it clearly speaks about the propensity to a particular profession. It so happens that the student can determine his aptitude, but tests show them very clearly.
It is useful to pay attention to their personal qualities. If you can easily come in contact with other people and quickly become their of any company, then you can very successfully work with people. Those who are able, among other things, to identify trends in the behavior of others and to manage their feelings, can Express themselves in a leading position.
Qualities such as a tendency towards concentration, imagination and the ability to build logical connections are usually very helpful technical Sciences, they are needed in all computer specialties. But for researchers and scientists is very useful ability to anticipate on the basis of imaginative and logical thinking, the development of interests, ability to work on a project, even in difficult conditions.
There are common mistakes, which many people incorrectly chooses a profession. First, it is specialty, which imposes the environment, for example, the family profession. Studies show that addiction is not inherited, it's just household confusion. The second mistake is to choose the same specialty as the friends or the environment. You need to determine what works for you, and not to choose successful for other areas.
Another mistake that often makes people unhappy is a choice "money" profession. Without the necessary efforts, abilities and efforts of a lot of money usually does not happen, but the pleasure of work is also not appearing. Also, do not choose a profession steeped in romantic aura about the reality in which you know nothing.