First of all, we should think about what you want from the profession to. Which of the following areas do you like, what kind of lifestyle you plan to lead, how important it is for you, your future wages and more. Be sure to mention your abilities. It makes no sense to dream of becoming a philologist, if you have the Russian language in the certificate a three.
To understand which profession suits you, you can come tests for career guidance. They represent a variety of statements with which you will have to agree to disagree. In these tests, many questions in different subjects – mathematics, chemistry, physics, literature and others. In addition, they will help you assess your traits and interests, and sometimes the level of intelligence.
Well as well to consider which professions are in great demand by employers and which will increase the demand in five years when you finish school. In the first case you will help sites job boards and Newspapers, the second – predictions of the leading sociologists, whose opinion can be found on the Internet.
A common mistake in choosing a profession is prejudice and fad. At all times, some professions were considered more prestigious, others considered unworthy. For example, there is such a profession – flusher. But who wants to be a plumber? And yet, society required scavengers, plumbers, nurses, lawyers, etc. So the first thing you put your interests and your abilities, and then how prestigious this profession. Otherwise, you learn, for example, a Manager and meet the job specialty you will not bring.