You will need
  • - the decision of the court;
  • - passport;
  • receipt for payment of the fine.
Upon the expiration of thirty days the city traffic police sends the resolution on imposing of the penalty to the regional Department of the State Executive service. This judgment may be sent to the district Department of the place of residence, place of work or at the location of the property. If the fine is still not paid, the defaulter will be sent to the bailiffs.
Take a decision and the passport and take it to the Bank that accepts the payment of administrative fines from individuals. In this order-the receipt must check the serial number, the amount of the finespecified as the date of imposition of the penalty. As well as in the receipt must be signed – between you and the employee of road inspection. Only such a decree is properly executed and valid.
Don't hide from the payment of a fine, otherwise he can be charged with double rate in compulsory order under a judicial decree. If you are not able to pay the fine on time, contact the traffic police authorities with a request for deferment of payment of fines or payment in parts. Your application will be reviewed and you will be informed, indicating the possibility of delay in the payment of an administrative penalty.
The loss of resolution on the payment of administrative penalty , please contact the cashier's office of the district traffic police Department and try to pay the fine on the basis only of your passport. This is possible if the information about your penalty saved in a special database.
Or visit the official website of the traffic police in the category of "penalties" and register. There you can find all the information about not paid your finex, see terms of payment and accommodation decisions-receipts. Print you need a resolution with him and contact the Bank for payment of the administrative penalty.