The timing of payment of administrative fines in the legislation is reasonably clear. However, the population convey information, or not fully, or not very clearly. So many at fault do not even know about their responsibility.
Ignorance is no excuse. And even if you did not receive the decision, you still are considered to be penal. So you in certain statutory deadlines may apply various sanctions, including imprisonment.

When you need to pay administrative fines

The timing of the payment of fines for administrative offences are governed by article 32.2 of the Code of administrative offences. According to this article, the penalty shall be paid not later than 30 days from the date when entered into force the resolution on attraction you to administrative responsibility, or from the date of expiry of the grace period established for the reasons specified in the Law and prescribed in article 31.5 of the Code.

To understand how long begin your 30 days, you need to understand what exactly is the ruling in the case of an administrative offense.

The decision of an administrative offense shall be imposed by a magistrate on the basis of submitted protocols. For example, in the issuing of traffic fines as the primary document for the conviction is shooting the video and its description or Protocol with the place of infringement. To attend such a court session proshtrafivshihsya not forced, so there are situations where he simply does not know what was in the list of debtors.
Not to make trouble with unpaid fines, regularly check if you have debts on the special traffic police databases, which are in abundance there on the Internet. Here you can print a receipt for payment.

The decision of the administrative violation and payment of penalty shall enter into force after the expiration of the term, which is given to you for filing an appeal (which is quite difficult to do, if you do not know that you fined).

The result is that you have to pay a fine for traffic violations within 30+10 days, i.e. no later than 40 days after sentencing. If you are law-abiding and penalties, pay on time, keep a receipt of it as at least a year. After the traffic police so often there are a variety of breakdowns and technical problems.

If after this period the fine has not been paid, your debt may pass on to the bailiffs.

What happens in case of failure

If you don't pay the fine and will be for 2 years to evade from execution of administrative penalties (for example, moved and find you the bailiffs can't), your penalty will be charged and prosecuted for it you more to be won't.

However, it is understood that the transfer of administrative fines the bailiffs to take away your freedom of travel abroad. And to learn about this you are already at the border, when the hands of tickets and vouchers.

In addition, if you are stopped by the inspector and will check your unpaid fines, he can right on the spot to arrange a debriefing, to the extent that would send a car to the impound lot, and you will be sent to serve his administrative imprisonment for 15 days or for forced labor.