You will need
  • receipt form PD-4;
  • computer;
  • - documents for account opening.
If you need to pay a fine without a billing account, please contact your savings Bank and ask there is a receipt form PD-4. By filling it, then pay. However, remember that if you use the payment of fines through receipts PD-4, then the Bank Commission will be quite large – up to fifteen percent. So if you need to pay a large fine, use another method.
If you want to pay the fine via the Internet, e.g. via WebMoney or Yandex money – visit the official website of the tax service: and go to the personal account of the taxpayer (or directly from here the link Provide personal details and follow the instructions. In the personal Cabinet enter your tin (it is available on this same website here: or INN for your organization. You will now see all your debts and the fines (or fines and debts of your organization). Select the one that you want to pay, and follow the instructions.
If you for some reason can not use the payment of fines through the Internet – open a Bank account. Please contact the tax office at the place of residence and explain the situation. Collect all the documents you will be asked, and provide them to the tax office. Then contact your nearest Bank and stated that he would like to open the account.
Will also notify of opening the account , the Social Insurance Fund and Pension Fund. After that, find out what Commission will be in the Bank for the payment of the fine. Replenish the account in an amount equal to the amount of the fine and the Commission, and pay the fine. After that, if you do not want to leave open the account, tell the Bank about the desire to close it. Don't forget to notify the tax office, social insurance Fund and PF on the closing of the current account.