The fact that many guys tend to feel those same feelings when the one they like pretty girls as the fairer sex. So try to join with a guy in contact and look at as he himself does. For example, if you like the guy, he will speak to you differently, not how he talks usually. Another thing is that the guy can hide the manifestation of his sympathy slightly brash and cocky tone. But it's also easy to see.
If you see that guy when you start acting boldly, it may be due to the fact that you liked. He wants to impress you. But sometimes particularly sensitive nature worried so much that it completely loses all acting ability and vary greatly in their eyes. The voice becomes hoarse, the person starts to behave modestly, speaking quieter and less confident.
If a young man who is the ringleader and the soul of the company, alone with you becomes suspiciously pensive and quiet, then he's just shy to Express their feelings. But you can at such behaviour to understand what you really like and make the first step itself. Such a quiet demeanor can talk about the complete indifference to you, but in this case you are unlikely to remain with a guy alone.
In addition to all forms of embarrassment, speaking of the manifestation of sympathy, there are other signs. If in conversation with you a young man crosses his arms, taking a hand pencil or pen, stroking the chin or just keeps his hands in his pockets, alerted. It is a bad sign that speaks of unwillingness to communicate with you. Usually in this situation the guy tense. If his body relaxed, he carefully listens to you, looks only in the eyes and gradually gets a place closer to you, so you can relax and be more confident – a guy feels for you at least deep sympathy.
And finally: rather than the word sympathy can't Express any other gesture. Ask the guy straight on how he treats you. If you decide to check him out, don't jump to conclusions. Only one interest while talking with you I will not say a lot. He may just tolerate your presence out of politeness. And most importantly – sympathy can be expressed in different ways, therefore, a universal formula for its determination no.