Before you are going to visit a temple or a chapel, make sure you look and dressed appropriately. Temple dress code requires that anyone entering was discreetly dressed: no shorts, t-shirts or short skirts and dresses or t-shirts with sleeves must cover the shoulders.
Directly in front of the building of the Church a man is obliged to remove a headdress, and a woman to wear something on your head. In some monasteries often not welcome, also, women and girls in trousers.
Upon entering the temple you need to cross themselves and to bow towards the altar (you can do this three times). Then approach the candle to the box or to the bookstore and buy candles there. One or two of them can be put into candlesticks, standing in the middle of the temple, before the icon of the feast and/or Saint who is remembered on this day.
If you come during worship, when a large gathering of people should not necessarily get into the Central part to light a candle, for example, just before a large icon or to the icon that you most like. You can just pass one or two candles, asking about it standing in front of people. Actually makes sense for reasons of convenience, to await the end of the service and then put all the candles.
Traditionally for the healing of loved ones light candles at a candle before the icon of the Holy Martyr Panteleimon or saints Cosmas and Damian. You can also put other Holy doctors, including the recently deceased, for example, Saint Luke the Crimean, the Bishop-surgeon, who operated on the wounded in front-line hospitals of the great war.
But the expression "health" means not only "because of illness" or "to be healthy". "For health" you can put candles or any other difficult life situations you or your loved ones. Moreover, "for health", from a Christian point of view, implies gratitude for good deeds in life or happy event, thank God or fate... In such cases, you can put different icons of Jesus Christ, his Mother the virgin Mary, other saints (e.g., St./Saint in honor of whom/of which is named).
Need to light a candle from other candles burning in the candleholder, but not from the lamps. Then, if candlestick not with the sand to spark then just stuck), is slightly podtopit the bottom of the candle and fix it in the socket of the candlestick.
Put a candle for health, should their thoughts turn to God and to the Saint/Holy, the Holy icon which/where you put a candle, and ask him/her about your health, someone from the family or maybe to pray for some need and remember to thank God for life and especially for its happy moments. After such prayers need to kiss or to touch his forehead to the icon of Christ or a Saint/a Saint to whom/which you have accessed.
Be careful! Look no case put a candle for health in the mortuary candlestick. Latter usually decorated with metal crucifix and has a rectangular shape. But just in case check with the serving of candlesticks women or girls candles.