Come to Church at any time except late evening and night. Regardless of whether that is worship or not, you can get in there. However, if you want to go to worship, it is better to arrive 5-10 minutes before it starts. Then you will be able to purchase in the narthex candles image, to venerate the icons or to speak with the clergy.
Going to Church, wear modest and discreet clothing. And although no one will expel from the temple a woman in pants, it is better to opt for a dress or a skirt length above the knee. Especially if you are going to partake. Chest area and hands should also be covered. Men can wear formal trousers and shirt with long sleeves. In the temple an invalid short skirts, shorts, t-shirts or dresses of transparent fabrics.
Women entering the Church, should cover their heads with a handkerchief or scarf. A man, on the contrary, you need to remove your headpiece.
Do light makeup and even better – do not. We should not paint your nails with bright colors or come with dirty fingernails and hands.
Will cross three times before entering the temple, each time making the bowing. Entering the porch, please turn off your cell phone, cover the head or, conversely, remove hat or cap.
Observe silence while in the Church, and if you want to ask something or say, try to do it in a whisper. Not raspugivali the people standing elbows, making his way to the icons or the altar.
Once on the service, try to defend it to the end. But if you feel bad, you can leave quietly or sit on a bench. Leaving the Church, make the three bowing towards the altar and cross.
If you do not understand something about the behavior or going to Church, or you just want to talk, wait until the end of the service and ask for help to the priest.