The operator "MegaFon" to connect the service by simply typing room *105*170*0#. If you've been connected to the service "Voice mail", then when connected to the service "Who called" the first will be disabled automatically. Using the service "Who called" you can get information about missed calls and left voice mails. Such information will come from the service number 0525 in the form of SMS messages.
In the "Beeline" there is a service called "Be aware" (the essence of it is the same as the service "Who called"). It connects the toll free number *110*401#. Thanks to this service you do, always be aware of what is happening. If I have missed call or the phone was out of network coverage, you will receive timely notification in the form of text messages about it.
Subscribers of MTS" it is necessary to dial the number **62*+79168920892#. The service connection is free, subscription fee is also not charged.