Advice 1: How to activate the "missed call" on the Body-2

Service "Who called" part of a package of additional services offered to its subscribers mobile operator TELE2, working in many regions of Russia.
How to activate the "missed call" on the Body-2
Mobile operator TELE2 offers subscribers of its network with a convenient service called "Who called". If the subscriber is temporarily left the area of network coverage or turned off the phone, then re-enabling the apparatus to the mobile number bodø receive an automatic SMS message. The content of this message is:
- the number of missed calls;
- the time of the last incoming call;
- the number from which the call was made.
Please note that the service "Who called" is completely free and does not require special activation. Connection to the service "Who called" is done in automatic mode.
If you want to temporarily disable the service "Who called" dial #62# and press the call key on the phone keypad. Reconnect to the service can be done with the command **62*600# and call keys on the keyboard of the mobile device.
It should be remembered that the service "Who called" can't work if you have enabled forwarding incoming call to a mobile or stationary apparatus. Also note that the shelf life of unsent SMS messages on missed calls is twenty-four hours. After this period of time, all unsent messages are deleted automatically.
When an incoming call with a "secret" room number identification is not performed. Optionally decrypt the data call will need to visit the official website of the cellular operator TELE2. Expand the tools menu of the top toolbar of the window of the resource and navigate to "Internet service". Here you can get free details of all incoming calls with caller ID.
Another method of obtaining a detail can serve as calling a service number 611. In this case, the decryption of incoming calls bude delivered by registered mail. Unfortunately, this service is fee — the cost of detail in one month will be 20 rubles.

Advice 2: How to connect and disconnect the service "missed call" on the MTS

If you want to always be aware of who is calling you, even when your mobile device is dead or you are out of network coverage. Connect a service called "missed call" from MTS. Consider how to connect the service "missed call" and what are the features of its use.
How to connect and disconnect the service "missed call" on the MTS

The service "missed call" is an important option that exists in the package of features of each mobile network operator. If you don't want to miss an important call and need, you need to connect this option.

Keep in mind that a service called" MTS is free and works on all tariffs of the operator. This option is also available in roaming. Remember that information about the calls, which were made to your phone number may be stored on the servers of the company MTS for three days.

If you don't turn on your phone or will be out of range of the operator within 24 hours, data about the incoming call to your number is not available.

In order to connect and activate the service called" MTS, you must do the following:

The first method is to connect the service "missed call" SMS. To do this, send an SMS containing a code 21141, room 111. After some time this service will be connected. As confirmation you will receive an SMS to your number.

The second method of activation of the service "missed call" - using the Internet assistant. In order to receive this service, you need to visit the official website of MTS and follow the instructions you will find in the personal Cabinet.

The third way to connect via voice call: dial the phone combination *111*38#, and then the call key. The service will be connected to you instantly.

To disable the service called" MTS, it is necessary to send SMS with numbers 21140 to 111 or dial *111*38#, press call, and then to return to text figure 2.

Keep in mind that in some cases this service may not connect, for example, if you do not have the function of SMS, the full memory of the phone, and in the case of the ban on incoming calls.

Advice 3: How to disable the service "missed call" on the MTS

The service "missed call" from mobile operator MTS allows you to know which subscriber tried to reach you when your phone was off or you were outside network coverage. However, this service is paid and not everyone will need, so you need to know how to disable it.
How to disable the service "missed call" on the MTS
To disable the service "missed call" from MTS, you need to dial USSD-request *111*38# and press the call key. After the request is processed, you will receive a notification.
Sometimes during the execution of the previous paragraph, an error occurs, so you need to know other ways to deactivate the service "missed call" on the MTS. For example, you can send a text message with the number "21140" to the short number 111. In response to your phone should come SMS that the service was discontinued.
You can also disable this option using the Internet-portal of MTS. Go to the website and enter your ID and password. Then find the menu item called "service management". Look for the option "missed call" and click the active button "disable". The same can be done with other services.
If you have a smartphone, you can download a mobile app called "MTS service". It is also possible to disable this service. The principle of action reminiscent of the third step except that all actions conducted on the website and in the program.
The main reason for the refusal of service lies in the fact that earlier it was paid, and now the mobile operator has started to charge a monthly fee.
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