Mobile operator TELE2 offers subscribers of its network with a convenient service called "Who called". If the subscriber is temporarily left the area of network coverage or turned off the phone, then re-enabling the apparatus to the mobile number bodø receive an automatic SMS message. The content of this message is:
- the number of missed calls;
- the time of the last incoming call;
- the number from which the call was made.
Please note that the service "Who called" is completely free and does not require special activation. Connection to the service "Who called" is done in automatic mode.
If you want to temporarily disable the service "Who called" dial #62# and press the call key on the phone keypad. Reconnect to the service can be done with the command **62*600# and call keys on the keyboard of the mobile device.
It should be remembered that the service "Who called" can't work if you have enabled forwarding incoming call to a mobile or stationary apparatus. Also note that the shelf life of unsent SMS messages on missed calls is twenty-four hours. After this period of time, all unsent messages are deleted automatically.
When an incoming call with a "secret" room number identification is not performed. Optionally decrypt the data call will need to visit the official website of the cellular operator TELE2. Expand the tools menu of the top toolbar of the window of the resource and navigate to "Internet service". Here you can get free details of all incoming calls with caller ID.
Another method of obtaining a detail can serve as calling a service number 611. In this case, the decryption of incoming calls bude delivered by registered mail. Unfortunately, this service is fee — the cost of detail in one month will be 20 rubles.