MTS connects this service automatically. All new subscribers of the company "missed call" bring in the list of operations performed on the SIM card. This also applies to Internet and USSD queries. Service will be activated when you turn on the phone with the inserted SIM card.
The service "missed call" is not connected. This is possible with the old subscribers and those who have not ordered it immediately. For non activated clients of MTS, you must enable this service by using the SMS service center of MTS.
The first method of activation of this service: send an SMS message to the number **62*110110# the "call." A few minutes later this service will be activated and notification will come in the form of a return SMS.
Can also be activated by using "Forwarding". To do this in the phone menu to find "Settings". In them "Challenges". After logging in this section, you can see a list of the types of services, among which will be "Forwarding". Find it in the category of "Always" or "Out of service area". Click "Enable" or enter a room (110110) and OK. The service "missed call" is activated.
There are occasions when a caller can't get through. To solve this problem you can also activate the "missed call". Simply dial the following USSD command: **67*110110# "the call" and activated the service of SMS alerts, which will immediately give the number of anyone who called during your telephone conversation.
Also it so happens that people do not immediately hear the phone ring. In this case, it is also possible to connect the service "missed call" using the following command: **61*110110# the "call." It is activated after the first 15 seconds unanswered call and will immediately notify the subscriber about all missed calls.
If all methods tried, but the service does not work, you must call the operator and tell him about your problem.