Make sure that your landline supports CLIP FSK as MGTS to work with this technology. It implies that the identification takes place until the connection is established, and not, as before, when the phone of the caller is displayed only after the handset is lifted. Most modern devices, such as, Siemens, Philips, General Electric, LG, Panasonic, Voxtel meet these requirements. In addition, the new format automatic number identification allows you to see the number in 10-digit format, including the first digits and not 7 digits as before.
Call the contact centre of MGTS phone 495-636-0-636, listen to all the voice message or take the phone to tone mode and press "0" to connect with a specialist centre. Tell him that you want to activate "Digital caller ID" on your landline phone. Digital keys to be connected in the near future, for a maximum period of two days.
Regularly check the mailbox, because the SSA will send a bill for connection services digital number identification. The charge is 54 rubles per month. Pay for the account specified in the account terms if payment is not received on time, the determinant will be disabled. In the future, the cost of the service the caller ID will be included in the bill for the use of a landline phone. Pay attention to the fact that when connected to the service in the beginning of the month, in the invoice you receive will indicate the next period, therefore, until the end of the month you will use the determinant for free.
Remember that the phone numbers of subscribers which are served not in MGTS and the rooms are PABX is not always determined.