Check to see if you have the service "Key rooms". If it is still not activated, please call 067409061 or send a request to *110*061#. The connection and usage of the service "Key rooms" free for all subscribers of "Beeline".
Record the time of call numbersthat your phone was not able to determine. Go to the website select your region and register for "my account". Make a query from "my account" on the records. Get it and contact the office of the cellular operator to know which room the call was made.
Send request to the detail you can and Fax, putting in all your details (name, series and number of passport, cell phone number). However, the best option is to apply directly to the office of "Beeline", to present a passport not only to get a printout with call details and immediately find out who called you from a hidden room.
If the phone "invisible" haunt you constantly connect paid service from "Beeline" - "detailed information room"that will allow you to figure out who is trying so hard to hide from you your coordinates.
Go to "my account" on the website and activate this service. Or call on the number 06744161. Also you can connect to it by typing on the keyboard of your phone *110*4161#, and sending the call. Since the activation of the service all rooms cell "invisible" will be displayed on the screen of your mobile device in the Federal format, but the "Beeline" does not guarantee the determination of the numbers when an incoming call from fixed phones and international roaming. Connection of service – 10 roubles, the monthly fee – 5 roubles a day.
If you found all that you needed, you can disable this service in "private Cabinet" or by calling the number 06744160, or with the command *110*4160#.