You will need
  • Cell phone, passport, Internet access on the phone.
To date, the cellular operator "MegaFon" provides its service to subscribers, allowing to identify the phone number the caller is connected with the Anti-caller ID. This service is called call detail record. The subscriber can take advantage of this offer two ways: through your cell phone and also contacting your mobile operator.
When handling to office cellular operator "MegaFon" you must have a passport. This document is needed in order for you to be able to confirm the fact that you are the owner of the number. To request call detail records for a certain period, you can access any free Manager. The procedure itself takes no more than ten minutes. As a result, you receive a printout of incoming calls for a specific period of time. There is also another way of ordering such services.
You can request for call details from your phone, installing the app from the operator. This application is called "Service Guide". To get to the phone a link to the download, you need to call the following number: *105*753#. To your mobile will receive a link via SMS message. On it you can download the app on your phone. It is worth noting that the program is free, and while it is downloading, the traffic is not carried out.
Once the app is downloaded, install it. To order call details, you need to run on the phone installed program and choose the appropriate command.